AVANZA Logistics is a third-party logistics company located in La Ceiba, Honduras. They were handling quote requests through regular phone calls and the outbound effort is too high for the return. They’re also missing out on the possible inbound traffic from their website.

Client’s vision

The client’s vision for this website was very specific. They wanted a ‘dark’ look and a relatively traditional design with minor design innovations.

The goal of the site was to guide visitors and potential leads to request a quote.


The website helped provide a space to highlight their services and the team, so potential leads would be inclined to request a quote. This is why throughout the site you’ll see images of the AVANZA Logistics administration and team members, as well as multiple “get a quote” buttons. Depending on the service, these buttons have a different wording.


The website has done a great job guiding visitors to request a quote. Since the website was launched they have received over 16 valuable quote requests directly through the form on the site and have been contacted by many others directly after potential leads found their website.